What sets WeddingMix apart is the fact you get all this for the low, low price of FREE!

WeddingMix works so many different ways it is truly customizable.


  • A short music video to share on social media
  • Unlimited usage of our WeddingMix app for you and your guests. The app allows you and your guests to capture video and photos before and during your wedding! 
  • A customizable Shot List so your guests know the exact moments you want captured. 
  • You get a copy of ALL the raw footage and photos. After the wedding the app allows everyone to upload directly quickly and easily in to your online WeddingMix project dashboard. You no longer have to hunt down all the media your guests have captured. It is all in one convenient place.

You can also upgrade to get all your photos and videos from instagram, along with a custom app code to match your instagram hashtag for only $50.

Want more? At any time before your wedding, you are allowed to upgrade to a full WeddingMix package. See all our packages and pricing here - starting at $199!

Feel free to watch the video below or keep on reading for more information :)




  1. As soon as you sign up, you will receive email templates that you can send to guests to let them know about your WeddingMix app.
  2. Unlimited guests can start filming right away; you can even include your honeymoon!
  3. You and guests upload within a few days of your wedding.
  4. We send you a link to your edited highlight video on Vimeo within a few weeks of your wedding, so you can share on social media and even download your own copy.

After the wedding: