Both the GoPros (Hero4 Silver) and HD Cams (Kodak Zi10) record in 1080P HD quality. Both have a LCD screen so a user can see what they are recording. The GoPros do have some advantages:

- waterproof

- better photo quality

- special photo modes - time lapse and burst

- better in low light

The lightweight, easy to use pro cam (Canon Vixia HF-G20) has the following advantages:

- optical zoom for crisp, clear close ups

- external boom microphone

- external light

- high quality video in low light settings

Here is a video comparing our cameras:

GoPro sample with a drone. The scene you see at the very end of the first video (with the GoPro) is a good example of the low light capabilities of one camera versus the other. The HD cams would not have been able to capture that scene as well.

Here is a beautiful one with the HD cams:

Pro cam sample:

The GoPros come with 32GB memory cards and can hold about 2.5 hours of video each. The HD Cams come with 16GB and hold 2 hours of video. The pro cam holds 6 hours of video.