Based on our experience here is a guideĀ 

Panorama package:

  • Under 100 guests - 2
  • 100 - 200 guests - 3 or 4
  • 200+ guests - 5 or more
  • Destination or lots of pre-events/excursions - add 1 or 2
  • Taking a cam on honeymoon - add 1

Cinematography package:

  • Under 200 guests - 1
  • 200+ guests - 2

HD Cams: Simple, one button, great for the less tech savvy. Attaches to any standard tripod. Shoots HD video and photos. 16GB each - about 2 hours of video.

GoPros: Perfect for outdoor weddings. HD video and photos. LCD screen to see what you're shooting! Comes with a tripod mount. 32GB each - about 2.5 hours of video.

  • waterproof case
  • better in low light
  • better photo quality and special photo modes - time lapse and burst

Pro Camera: the small, light-weight cam gets crisp close-ups of your first kiss and bright color of the reception even in low light thanks to the Canon Vixia's true optical zoom and dynamic range. The camera boom mic reduces wind noise and can guarantee you'll always remember the most important words your spouse ever says. about 6 hours of video.