Great question! WeddingMix works so many different ways it is truly customizable based on your budget, wedding size, and needs. 

Feel free to watch the video below or keep on reading for more information :)

What sets WeddingMix apart is the fact every package we sell includes unlimited usage of our WeddingMix app for you and your guests. The app allows you and your guests to capture video and photos before and during your wedding! It also allows you to upload a Shot List so your guests know the exact moments you want captured. And after the wedding the app allows everyone to upload directly quickly and easily in to your online WeddingMix project dashboard. You no longer have to hunt down all the media your guests have captured. It is all in one convenient place.

Our packages start at $99 with the Lens package, which includes the app, all the raw footage and a gallery to share it. For $100 more, you can add a professionally edited highlight video created from the footage uploaded by your guests. If you order early enough you can capture the bachelor/ette party, rehearsal dinner, and even the engagement dinner and include the footage in your final video.

With our Snap Happy package for $299 you can upload unlimited photos & 2-minute videos from the app, as well as send in footage from your own cameras. We'll send you a wireless sound recorder (to capture amazing sound of the vows/toasts) and a selfie stick. It includes a professionally edited highlight video, a completely customizable 10 minute version of the video, a gallery to share it and all the raw footage. 

With the Panorama package, starting at $499, you can use our rental GoPros and the app to film your whole wedding experience. You'll get a highlight video, 30 minute version, gallery and raw footage. You even have the option to add a pro camera rental for $300. The cameras arrive days before your wedding, fully charged and ready to be go along with a voice recorder and selfie stick. You use the cameras during your wedding to capture interviews, the ceremony, grandma and grandpa dancing, etc. The next business day you bring them to Fedex and send back with the pre-paid shipping label. Within 2 weeks of receiving the cameras we ingest all the footage, back it up, load it in to your online storyboard and send you an email to let you know that all your footage is online. (Unless you choose Storymix to pick the scenes for you. Find out more about Storymix Picks.)

After receiving the email you can look at all your footage on your computer through the WeddingMix storyboard. You choose the title for the start of your video, the footage you want included, and any transition titles. When you are happy with the order of everything in your storyboard click 'Submit Storyboard' to allow our editors to take over. After submitting your storyboard we add the intro, transitions, titles, sound/color correction and music based on the editing style you chose when placing your order. (Find out more about our 13 Unique Editing Styles here.)

Within in five weeks you will receive the feature edit for your approval. After approving the feature edit your video will be available for download within your HD Online Gallery. If you purchased a camera package you will also receive all the raw, full HD files from the cameras on a flash drive. Our servers will also store your files for up to one-year.

You can add a standard photobooth for $150 or deluxe photobooth for $350. See more details here -

Want an in-depth look on how WeddingMix works within your wedding timeline? Enjoy the infographic below :)