For an in-depth look at WeddingMix works please check go to: What is WeddingMix?


When you rent a camera package we send you the cameras a few days before your wedding. The day of your wedding, take all the photos and videos you can. The next business day you drop the cameras at your local Fedex/Kinko's using our prepaid return mailer and we do the rest. 


We download, backup, and upload all the footage from your cameras to your online storyboard. All the clips uploaded by us and your guests are then available to be used to create your custom video in the storyboard. You use our easy drag and drop Storyboard to add titles, clips, and the photos you want included in the video. You submit the Storyboard when you are done and we add the professional touches for you based on the Editing Style you chose when ordering. 


Or, you can upgrade your project to StoryMix Picks and we will do all the work for you. If you go with StoryMix Picks we send you a questionnaire so we know what moments you want included and other things that will help us make you the best wedding video we can. Our editors look through all of the footage for you and create a rough cut of your video. They add it to your approval page so you can tell us it's ready or to make some suggested changes. 


Finally, after you approval the edit we upload it to your gallery. We send you the flash drive of all of the raw footage and photos from the cameras in the mail. The raw footage is viewable and useable on your personal computer. The raw footage uploaded by guests can be downloaded right from your gallery.