If you ordered the Lens with highlight video, Snap Happy or Panorama, it comes with a custom, professionally edited highlight video. The Snap Happy and Panorama packages include the use of our easy drag and drop Storyboard to help you tell the editors which scenes you'd like to include in your video. You send us the Storyboard when you are finished and we add in all the professional touches that make our service unique. Unless you choose StoryMix Picks, then we not only edit the video but also select the scenes and photos of your video for you.

No matter what package you choose we edit the final videos in Final Cut Pro where we add the music, transitions, sound/color correction, and titles. It is our affordable professional editing that really sets us apart from any other service. 

* Raw footage from the rented cameras will be mailed to you. All guest-uploaded raw footage must be downloaded to your personal computer.