Storymix Picks is the option of allowing the editors of WeddingMix to take over picking all the scenes for you. Our Managing Editor sends you a few questions to help our editors better understand what you would like to include/exclude from your video. After receiving the answers to our questions an editor will go through all your clips and photos to select the scenes needed to put together the best video for you. 

After selecting scenes the editor will upload your finished video within five weeks. You can view and approve the video through your WeddingMix approval page. The approval page is also where you can make changes to your video if there's something you looks different than you expected.  Our editors will take your notes and adjust the video accordingly. 

Within 2 weeks of receiving your approval, we will ship the feature video on flash drive along with the raw footage from your rental cameras and audio files.

How much is it for us to do pick the scenes for you? It depends on the package:

  • Snap Happy - $150
  • Panorama - $250
  • Cinematography - $400
  • For a legacy package contact us for pricing.