With a custom app code you can specify you own code to use. Perfect for matching with your Instagram hashtag, and easy for guests to remember. Our standard app codes are auto-generated for security purposes.

When you order the Instagram auto feed* plus custom app code for $50, we will import everything from instagram** for 7 days before and after your wedding which is tagged with your custom app code. So, all the photos and videos posted to instagram and tagged with your custom code can now be included in your custom wedding video.

If you do want a custom app code please make sure to first check Instagram hashtags to verify no one else is using the code. You will be happy you did. When you are sure no one else is using the tag we will get our developers involved to customize the tag for your project. All codes must be at least 5 characters. It costs $50 to add a custom app code + auto-instagram for your big day.

Make sure to contact us today to get this process started so it will be running on your big day!

* The custom app code & auto-instagram feed was merged on 1/11/16. For any packages purchased before then the options are still available separately.

** Please make sure your friends' instagram feed is set to public for at least one day after the wedding. We can not import from private feeds.