It is the perfect app to capture your entire wedding story. The WeddingMix app takes care of grabbing all the media your guests are taking, puts it all in one place, and gives you the opportunity to download it all. Not only that, but you also get an edited video of your wedding - shot by your guests!

After purchasing or reserving your package, you'll receive a unique project code to access your wedding.  Anyone with the code can contribute video clips and photos to your project through the WeddingMix app. The app allows you to send clips and photos to your WeddingMix project. Guests can begin to upload files as soon as you pay your reservation to until about 3 weeks after the wedding. (Why 3 weeks? From our experience guests tend to upload right away or not at all.) 

It can be used on any iOS or Android device, as long as it has a camera. It is downloadable from the Apple app store and Google Play.

What to know what else you can do with the WeddingMix app?