Our past brides & grooms have been happy with both types of packages. The major bonus of our WeddingMix app plus cameras packages are that the cameras have their own battery power and take longer clips. They also come with the added benefit of not being used to send text messages, take phones calls, etc. They are there to take photos & videos that after the wedding will be thrown in the mail and be processed completely by us. We upload the footage to your project so you can create the video of your dreams. (Find out about StoryMix Picks to take all the work out of your video.)

The cameras and app are both great ways to capture your videos.  The quality is pretty similar (with the exception of our pro cam rentals).  An unlimited number of people can upload an unlimited number of videos and photos with the app. The major difference is clips can only be 2 minutes with the app because HD file sizes get so big and many people would give up during upload.  

We also have seen that more footage ends up being taken with the cameras because they get passed around and when someone has one they tend to feel the need to use it.