First, we recommend deciding which package you would like to order and seeing if there are any add-ons you would like. With so many options you are sure to find one to fit your needs & budget! 

Next, be sure to check the availability of cameras for your wedding date. On our Packages and Pricing page there is a banner to help you check the date. 

Now, its time to place your order, on our Packages & Pricing click "Get Started" underneath any package.

Now that you have decided on a package you like and clicked "Get Started", select your wedding date and the system will walk you through the steps.  In a few clicks you'll be done.

If your wedding is more than two weeks away, you will first reserve your cameras and pay a 50% deposit.  Then you receive an automated email with a link to complete your order at least two weeks before your date.

If you order an app-only package or your wedding is in less than two weeks, the system will have you complete all of the necessary steps and pay in full.

Check out the How it Works page for all the details.

We will ship your cameras to the shipping address provided in the completion portion of the payment.