Whoa. Hold on. The WeddingMix app and cameras have been used at numerous weddings that have a professional videographer(s) & photographer(s). The truly amazing thing about WeddingMix is the flexibility is has. It can work in tandem with lots of other services. 

Realistically, the video you capture through WeddingMix has also those small, intimate moments you can't always get through a professional. The rehearsal dinner, getting dressed the day of, the bachelor(ette) party, engagement party, the bride & grooms thoughts the night before the wedding, etc. Its much easier to get that emotional, fun moment when your mother, friend, or sister is the one behind the camera. These moments are impromptu, once-in-a-lifetime slices of your wedding history. Think of it as crowdsourcing memories.

The WeddingMix app can also be used by family & friends that can't be at the wedding. They can record their well wishes for you that can later be added to your final wedding video. Or, just be viewed in private. They can also view your HD gallery so they can feel like a part of the party.

With a WeddingMix, there is no limit as to hours and you get to keep all the raw footage. You can even arrange to have us include the footage from your videographer for an additional editing fee.

So, the real question isn't "Why WeddingMix? Why not a professional Videographer?" Its more like "How can I incorporate WeddingMix to create those memories I wouldn't have otherwise."

Enjoy our WeddingMix Uncut moments below, just to give you ideas.