Excerpt from our WeddingMix blog

Your wedding day really boils down to two important words “I” and “do”. Of course there’s a lot more to the day than that, but the vows are what binds you together. Forever. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Part of the appeal of a wedding video is being able to watch your vows every year on your anniversary. 

Here are a few tips to ensure that you’ll be able to actually hear the vows:

  • Get a microphone
  • Put a speaker someplace with a clear view of where the vows are being said
  • Have someone stand near the speaker while filming

But microphones are a pain

I get it. They get in the way. They’re ugly. And… they’re the only way to clearly hear the vows. Without a microphone, you probably won’t get to hear the vows. Not going to lie.

But I have no control of where the speakers are placed and they are nowhere near us

Don’t stress. There are still options.

Option One: Hand a WeddingMix camera to whomever is in the very first row. This will most likely be your mom or his mom. Give it to whomever cries less. :) But seriously, the cameras will pick up whatever audio is closest. 

Option Two: Have someone stand near a speaker to capture the audio (and video as best they can). Have someone else with another WeddingMix camera capture a clear view of the vows. If you have a package with the StoryMix Picks add-on, our editing team will use the audio from one camera and the video from another.*

* Not available through our standard editing package.