If you would like to add photos and/or video to your Wedding album in the WeddingMix App please follow the instructions for your device below.

  • Select Add Photo or Video. Click import from within the camera controller. Phone must be in landscape orientation for this to be accessible.
  • Tap the IMPORT button to go into your phone's Camera Roll / Gallery and select the photos and videos you want to import. (Make sure you gave the app permission to access your camera roll, camera, and microphone in your phone's settings or it cannot import)
  • You will be taken directly to the Main Screen. Tap UPLOAD NOW to import the photos or video.

Tap on UPLOADS (GALLERY shown below) on the lower right hand corner of the app. This will show you all the photos/videos you have already uploaded to the Wedding Project.

If you have photos or videos that are not able to be selected in your phone, it means the app believes they have already been uploaded to the project. If you believe that there are any photos and videos that did not make it into the project, go to More > Settings > Clear Previous Selections. That will allow all photos and videos in your phone to be imported and uploaded again. If you are still having issues uploading, contact us via the app (Settings > Report a Problem) and ask for the web upload link.