We cannot legally use any songs that we (or you) do not have all the appropriate licenses (which usually run about $5000 each).

The good news is we have a library of over 5000 production tracks. That means we can include songs from just about any genre and have the same feel as commercial music. We also can allow the music that is captured on film to be the primary sound during portions of the edited video. So, the song during your first dance will be heard as well as other songs playing during the reception.

We get this question quite a bit and understand the desire to choose the music. The reality is, trying to incorporate certain songs can end up distracting from the visuals and lead to a less enjoyable video. Our editors are experts and blending soundtracks to enhance your video and make sure you don't end up with a music video. Many of our brides who were quite concerned about the music have told us afterwards they are so glad they relied on us and love the final result. Plus you get to review and approve your video before we finish it so you can request changes to any of the music and look through our library and pick specific songs.

We do have some other things for music you can consider. First, we can provide you online access to the libraries we have (and even filter it down to make it easier) so you can choose songs. Second, some new sites like SongFreedom, Music Bed, and Noisely do have commercial songs which we can purchase cheaply ($25 - $50) for you and then use in your video(s). Let us know if you'd like to pick a song from there and have us purchase it for you. We'll add the item to your dashboard so you can pay for it.