We will not charge you for a lost or damaged microphone - unless there is an intentional mic drop. Yep, we get it, mic drops after toasts are cool, but we need these microphones for other couples. If the microphone is intentionally dropped, we will assess a fee of $100.

Other than that, if the microphone is lost or damaged, we will not assess any fees, but will downgrade your package to the next lower package. So, if you have a 3 GoPro package, you will be downgraded to the features of a 1 GoPro package (meaning you receive a 30 minute edited video, instead of 60 minute).  If you have a Use your Own GoPro package, you will be downgraded to an app feature, meaning you will receive a 10 minute edited video containing only video clips (no photos).

If you'd prefer to pay to replace the microphone, instead of downgrading your package, that can be arranged. The cost of a new microphone is $100.