Sometimes a photo or video may not upload properly. There are a few potential scenarios:

- uploading did not work at all

- some uploads made it into the project, while some did not

Many times it appears as if uploads did not work, but they are still in progress. Longer videos can be huge files and depending on the internet speed it can take a long time to upload. The app will keep cranking away until an upload is complete, which may not be obvious.

Upload problems may be due to a connection error during upload or an issue on the server end while processing the file(s). The first thing to try is to import the files from your phone. Before doing so, go to More > Settings > Clear Previous Selections. That will allow all photos and videos in your phone to be imported and uploaded again. If you don't clear the selections, there is a chance you will not be able to select some photos and videos because the app believes they already successfully uploaded (this is to avoid duplicate uploads). Then attempt to upload again.

If you are still having issues uploading, contact us via the app (Settings > Report a Problem) and ask for the web upload link.