There are many reasons why you should choose WeddingMix over Wedreel, but of course we're biased :) Since I have never actually purchased from WedReel I can only go off what I see on their website. Rather than bash them, let us highlight some of the many benefits of our service. 

  • Mobile app - We're the only wedding video service that has an app that allows you and anyone with whom you share your unique code to contribute video clips to your wedding video project. But why is an app better? Because your guests will naturally want to hold their phones vertically, while the WeddingMix app has them hold the phone with two hands - because who wants black bars on your wedding video?
  • Available rental video cameras - WeddingMix has rental cameras available. Let's face it, a lot of people's cell phones can get full. You can even take a camera on your honeymoon for free.
  • Two edited wedding videos - For the same prices as WedReel, you get both a highlight and feature video with WeddingMix.

  • Voted number one by... - WeddingMix was voted number one videography company in the USA in 2016 by Weddingwire and awarded a trophy at their national convention. Wedreel does not publish who voted them number one.

  • Pricing - Our packages start at $199 and we don't charge you more for a payment plan.
  • HD Online Gallery - Share your feature-length edited video and all your WeddingMix app photos & videos with your guests.

  • Instagram Integration - We are the only wedding video service to allow your wedding guests' Instagram photos and videos to be automatically added to your project by adding your custom hashtag to their photos!
  • Superior final video - Our editors are apple pro-certified professional editors all working in our downtown Chicago office. You can even include your photographer photos in the edited video.
  • Security of your files - we take your security very serious. Your footage is backed up on our local servers, in the cloud, and stored on flash drive in a temperature controlled remote location.
  • Flexibility - We offer 3 different packages and the ability to create your own editing style. You can personalize your video in our online Storyboard by picking the scenes and adding captions and tiles. Or, have us do it all for you.
  • Experience - We have over 275 reviews on Weddingwire and have been in business for over 6 years
  • Founder background - our founder is an Apple Pro-certified video editor who has edited for the Chicago Blackhawks, Cubs, and Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Feature video on DVD - your feature video is delivered both on DVD and digital download. You can even order extra DVDs for your family.


But most importantly is the reaction we've gotten from hundreds of our customers. 

Our bride Hollis says it better than I can. "I stood on the street and watched the teaser on my iphone with tears in my eyes. I’m thrilled. I scream your name at every bride I encounter, thank you for everything.. I can say that was $500 well spent." 

Of course WeddingMix is not for everyone. We hope to be part of your big day, but if not, be sure to capture some video and have a fantastic wedding.