Great to hear you found the budget to hire a videographer. Quite a few customers use WeddingMix in conjunction with a videographer since they only capture 4-6 hours of your wedding day and focus mainly on the couple. We'd be happy to work with your videographer to give them access to your WeddingMix footage or vice versa.

Your camera package will still come in handy so that your guests can use them at the rehearsal dinner and you can take one on your honeymoon. Then all of that footage can be added to your wedding video. You could even include some clips from your videographer of the ceremony if you wanted to add an upload link. 

The other option is to turn your project into an app highlight, so you can still get an edited highlight video from the photos and videos shot by your guests (as well as all the raw footage). You can, of course, still use the app on your honeymoon, so those photos and videos can be included in your highlight video as well. Totally up to you. 

Our cancellation policy does not provide for a refund. We've put aside your cameras for your date and have been unable to sell another package. 

Contact us if your order was placed after 4/23/18