How long can I keep the cameras?

The cameras (and other rental equipment) must be returned in the prepaid mailer on the first business day after the wedding. After that a late fee of $25/day/camera will be assessed. Just bring the box to any Fedex/Kinko's, hand to employee and get a receipt. Do not drop the box in a fedex express kiosk. 

Let us know if you lost your shipper, or need any help in returning the cameras. You can download a new shipper right from your dashboard.

If you are in Canada, you'll need to ship the equipment back on your own, due to Canadian regulations. Unfortunately, CanadaPost does not allow us to include a return shipper.  So, unlike our US customers, our Canadian customers will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. You can use whatever shipping method you prefer, but we recommend one that provides accurate tracking. The mailing providers we see the most are CanadaPost, UPS, and FedEx.