**** UPDATE ****

We have not changed our shipping prices in over 7 years. FedEx gradually increased their prices until last year when they added Covid surcharges and then fuel surcharges when gas prices skyrocketed. Now they have added 'Prime' surcharges on top of the regular pricing (higher for larger sized packages) and doubled and tripled express prices.

We have tried to absorb their increases, but after everything we've gone through since early 2020 we can no longer pay $20 - $150 extra on shipments. We have looked at switching to UPS or the USPS and those options are even worse. Therefore we are forced to update our shipping charges (although not to the extent FedEx has) going forward. Unfortunately this is a reality affecting nearly all shipments as well as increased prices from most companies. We appreciate your understanding and promise to continue to look for ways to keep our service the most affordable anywhere.

We charge a flat fee set at approximately what FedEx costs (their prices depend on location). There is a priority handling and express shipping surcharge if you order less than two weeks before your wedding. All the shipping charges are shown in the ordering system in the Project Summary section to the right of your order. 

Shipping covers: initial equipment shipping, the pre-paid return shipping label, storing your camera footage on flash drive, and shipping the final project and your raw footage flash drive to you.

  • Lens with WM Booth
    • Standard Booth = $45 (was $30)
    • Deluxe Booth =$60 (was $35)
  • Snap Happy = $35 (was $25)
    • With Standard Booth +$25 (was $15)
    • Deluxe Booth +$40 (was $25)
  • Panorama = $45 (was $35)
    • With Standard Booth +$25 (was $15)
    • Deluxe Booth +$40 (was $25)

NOTE: priority shipping/handling fees will apply if package is paid in full, or completion payment is made less than 2 weeks before the wedding

The legacy Cinematography package shipping is $60 (was $40).