Yes, we are actually the only video app service that ships to Canada. We have had many Canadian couples use WeddingMix for their weddings. Because of customs, it is highly recommended to complete your order at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding. That way if any issues come up at the border we'll have time to send new cameras express and still get them to you on time. Just order and pay through our system which is based on a flat-fee system for all shipping:

Standard Shipping Pricing:

  • 2 camera = $35
  • 4 cameras = $40
  • 7 cameras = $50

Unfortunately, CanadaPost does not allow us to include a return shipper.  So, unlike our US customers, our Canadian customers will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. You can use whatever shipping method you prefer, but we recommend one that provides accurate tracking. The mailing providers we see the most are CanadaPost, UPS, and FedEx. 

Sometimes, Canadian customs requires payment of extra fees on delivery. This doesn't happen often, but we cannot be responsible for any extra fees assessed by customs.

Lastly, the only tip we can give when sending back our cameras from Canada is to make sure you do not skimp on the packaging tape. And, that if the box seems unusable please just get a new box from your shipping provider and cushion the cameras as much as you can. Many people just place the box we provide inside of another box just to make sure.