If your friends uploaded to Facebook with your hashtag, you can still use the media. Due to privacy restrictions on Facebook, we cannot import it for you though. Here's how you can get it into your project with the app:

  1. Click on each photo
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right above the photo. If it's a video, click on the down arrow at the upper right)
  3. Click save photo (or save video)
  4. Open the WeddingMix app, click on "Add a photo or video"
  5. Click on import and select the photos/videos from your camera roll

Facebook is constantly changing the method and availability of video download. So it may not currently be possible.

To get your upload link, click on "my account" on the WeddingMix site to access your project. If you have an upload link, you'll see an upload button on the upper right above all the photos/videos.